Volunteering is fun and makes sense!

We are looking for


Nice and reliable volunteers for our "Switch Kids Art" project, who accompany and look after our children and / or also like to act as artists themselves (playing instruments, tinkering, knitting, painting - any initiative is welcome!)

The target group


Children / adolescents between 8 and 14 years from socially disadvantaged families as well as refugee children.

goal of the project


The expansion of the children's creative and social horizons, the promotion of mutual respect and tolerance, as well as the active integration of refugee children into German society.


Course of the project


The children spend z. E.g. a day with one or more Hamburg artists and realize different creative projects: How do you draw a comic, what is calligraphy, can I knit a sweater myself or how do I upcycle old objects and make new ones out of them, how do I create a script and make an exciting or informative short film out of it? And musically, too, the children are invited to look outside the box: How do I disenchant the crazy sounds of a Jew's harp and can you play a guitar in five days?

In addition to learning numerous creative techniques with the artists' professional tricks and tricks, the program includes excursions to the countryside, nature and museums, but also to film and music studios and much more. At the end of the day, the children can take the results of their experiences, such as a CD with their own radio play or self-painted works of art, home as a souvenir.