Switch Kids

Switch - your trip around the world

As every year, the "SWITCH - Your Journey Around the World" project of the Kulturbrücke Hamburg eV organizes intercultural group meetings in Hamburg during the holidays and on weekends.

Course of the project

We enable all Hamburg children between the ages of 8 and 14 to take a four-day “trip around the world” four times a year: at the beginning and at the end of the summer school holidays and once in the autumn and winter school holidays. The participating children are divided into groups, each consisting of four children of different origins. Japan can z. E.g. to meet Ghana, Iran and Germany: the children spend four days alternately in one of the families.


This international family exchange includes a varied program that is designed by the respective family themselves: Preparing and eating traditional dishes together, "learning" the foreign language, dressing up, making music and playing local games are just a few ideas for spending time together . Films about the country of origin can also be viewed or exhibitions, museums, theaters and other cultural events attended.


If the families need suggestions for the design, volunteers are at their side. There is also a so-called “get-to-know” meeting for parents and participating children, in which all organizational and content-related questions are clarified. In addition, the families receive an accompanying letter with suggestions for possible activities as hosts.

goal of the project

The focus is on the joy of joint ventures and the presentation of the different cultures and traditions!


All participating children keep a Switch diary about their trip around the world, their film days or their Switch tour. Click your way through previous trips and find out how exciting your next vacation can be!

Switch Globe

Our award ceremony takes place once a year. For the best travel diaries, the children can win many great prizes such as ExxonMobil shares, tickets for Hagenbeck's zoo and other prizes.


"Switch-Kids" at Tigerenten Club


Hourvash Pourkian presents their children's world tour Switch Kids at the Tigerenten Club.

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