Switch Kids Art

The new project idea of the Kulturbrücke Hamburg, "Switch Kids Art", is aimed particularly at socially disadvantaged children and young people who cannot take part in our Switch trips due to poor living conditions

goal of the project

The project serves as an alternative offer to give all children the opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons.


Course of the project

Instead of spending four days in succession in the different families of the participants as during a Switch trip, the children meet with different Hamburg artists for four days at "Switch Kids Art" in order to realize unique creative and sustainable projects together. These range from music and dance performances to jointly created films and works of art. This should give the children creative ideas and stimulate the implementation of artistic and design ideas. The Kulturbrücke Hamburg thus gives all children the same opportunity to broaden their perspectives.

Switch Kids Art

Contribution of the NDR Journal to Switch Kids Art.



A “typical” Switch-Kids Art Day is so fun. We baked pizza together and painted professional canvases. In between there was romp outside in the playground and music was made.

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